Rivian R1T and R1S Granted Access to Tesla Supercharger Network

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Reports circulating on various social media platforms indicate that Rivian’s R1T pickup and R1S SUV have now gained access to Tesla Supercharger stations and stalls, joining the ranks of the Ford F1-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E. Ford was the first automaker to commit officially to adopting the NACS port, making it the pioneer in this endeavor, which it accomplished earlier this month.

The integration of Rivian vehicles with Supercharger stations occurs seamlessly, allowing for plug-and-charge functionality without the need for the Tesla app. This convenient feature frees up space on users’ devices for other applications, such as widgets.

So, how does this process unfold? While no software update can alter physical hardware, Rivian owners can utilize a certified NACS to CCS1 adapter for compatibility with Supercharger stations.

Once connected, the charging process initiates automatically if a payment method has been pre-configured in the Rivian mobile app. Charging fees are then deducted from the default payment method associated with the Rivian app.

Early testers have reported favorable charging speeds, describing the experience as “very decent.” The payment integration is lauded for its efficiency, with plug-and-charge activation reportedly taking less than 15 seconds from the moment of connection to the charger. Some users have even noted that this process is quicker than plug-and-charge operations on the Rivian Adventure Network.

The adoption of the NACS adapter extends beyond Rivian, with nearly every major automaker in the United States, including Fisker and Lucid, committing to its implementation. This widespread adoption is expected to streamline EV charging accessibility across the expansive Supercharger network, gradually diminishing barriers to EV adoption.

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