Increase in Chevy Camaro Thefts in Los Angeles Possibly Linked to Their Use in Street Takeovers

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The Chevrolet Camaro is facing an unexpected fate as thefts of the iconic vehicle surge in Los Angeles, according to a report by the L.A. Times. Both the Los Angeles Police Department and another local law enforcement agency have observed a significant increase in Camaro thefts, even though it’s only March.

In one area of south L.A., the number of stolen Camaros jumped from two in January and February last year to 10 during the same period this year.

Across L.A., a total of 90 Camaro owners reported their vehicles missing in the first two months of this year, a stark contrast to the seven reported thefts during the same period last year.

While these numbers may seem small compared to the approximately 30,000 vehicles stolen annually in L.A., the theft of Camaros has drawn attention due to its prominence.

Law enforcement officials have identified a method used by the thieves involving cloning signals from nearby key fobs. However, they are still investigating the motive behind targeting Camaros specifically.

The thefts are often executed using electronic devices that intercept signals from key fobs, a technique that has been employed by thieves for years. The affordability and accessibility of these devices may have contributed to the recent surge in thefts, attracting a younger demographic.

The thefts are believed to be linked to illegal street takeovers, a phenomenon where vehicles perform dangerous stunts on public roads. LAPD Sergeant noted that individuals involved in these takeovers have shifted from vehicles like Chargers and Challengers to Chevy products, particularly the Camaro.

Authorities have implemented stricter penalties for individuals caught participating in these activities, including vehicle seizure and potential destruction. Despite these measures, some individuals continue to engage in illegal takeovers, resorting to stealing vehicles specifically for this purpose.

Law enforcement officials advise Camaro owners to take precautions such as securing their key fobs in signal-blocking holders and avoiding leaving keys inside vehicles or leaving vehicles unattended while running.

These preventative measures aim to mitigate the risk of theft and discourage individuals from engaging in illegal activities involving stolen vehicles.

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