Ferrari SF90 Stradale Crash: Record Compensation Saga Unfolds

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale Crash Record Compensation Saga Unfolds

A Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar was involved in a crash on a highway in Finland back in 2023, resulting in a total loss. After two years of negotiations, the insurance company agreed to pay a record-breaking compensation to the owner.

Reportedly, this accident is one of the most expensive in history for an insurance company, involving one of the most valuable cars currently in production. The compensation amount received by the owner of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale reportedly surpasses any previous record, totaling over half a million dollars to cover the loss.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale Crash Record Compensation Saga Unfolds

The severe deformation of the car resulted from the owner losing control while driving on the highway, causing it to aquaplane and collide head-first into the guardrail.

Despite the extensive damage, no airbags were deployed, but fortunately, the driver emerged unharmed. The accident occurred at a low speed, with no violation of traffic regulations or speeding.

Photos from the crash scene depict the front end of the car heavily damaged, with the hood, headlights, and grille indistinguishable. One of the wheels detached from the vehicle upon impact and flew a considerable distance. The front fenders were bent backward into the doors, rendering the car irreparable.

The Finnish entrepreneur owner, after considering repairing the vehicle for five months, ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Instead, he accepted the compensation offered by the insurance company, amounting to 530,000 euros, equivalent to $575,860.

The SF90 Stradale, one of only 799 examples produced by Ferrari, now stands as one less in existence. The owner has since replaced it with a McLaren Artura and has another Ferrari, a 296 GTS, on order.

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