FIA Investigation Clears President Ben Sulayem of Wrongdoing Amid Allegations

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Ben Sulayem cleared of wrongdoing after FIA investigation

The FIA’s Compliance Department conducted an investigation into allegations against FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem, arising from incidents in 2023. The first incident involved accusations of interference in stewards’ decisions regarding a penalty on Fernando Alonso during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The second incident pertained to allegations that Ben Sulayem pressured the FIA not to approve track certification for the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Following a thorough probe by the FIA Compliance Officer and Ethics Committee, it was concluded that there was no evidence of improper conduct by Ben Sulayem.

The investigation, spanning 30 days and involving interviews with 11 witnesses, revealed no substantiation for the allegations. The Ethics Committee unanimously determined that there was no interference by Ben Sulayem, and the accusations were deemed unsubstantiated.

President Ben Sulayem
President Ben Sulayem (Credits: Autosport)

In a statement issued by the FIA, it was emphasized that strong evidence supported the determination of the Ethics Committee, and Ben Sulayem’s cooperation, transparency, and compliance throughout the investigation were appreciated.

The accusations regarding the Saudi Arabian incident involved allegations that Ben Sulayem sought to overturn Alonso’s penalty by leveraging his relationship with Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamas bin Isa Al Khalifa, an FIA vice-president present at the race.

Ben Sulayem, acknowledging his responsibility for approving the Las Vegas track, stated that he supported its certification despite potential challenges. He highlighted his concern for safety, emphasizing that his decision was driven by ensuring the well-being of drivers, staff, and marshals.

Ben Sulayem recognized the significance of his decision, suggesting that declining approval could have had disastrous consequences for Formula 1, underscoring his dedication to the sport’s integrity and safety.


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