EU Lifts Sanctions on Ex-Haas F1 Racer; Mazepin Cleared

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On Wednesday, the European Union made a significant ruling regarding the status of former Haas F1 racer Nikita Mazepin in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. The EU declared that there was insufficient justification for Mazepin to remain on the list of individuals subject to sanctions.

Previously, both Mazepin and his father, Dmitry, were targeted with restrictive measures, including asset freezes and travel bans.

These actions came shortly after Mazepin was released from his contract with Haas due to the invasion. Despite Mazepin’s persistent efforts to be delisted globally, he had been unsuccessful until now.

However, the EU reversed its position, stating that Mazepin should be removed from the sanctions list as there was no evidence linking him to his father’s activities beyond familial ties.

Furthermore, Mazepin’s racing sponsorship from his father’s Uralkali business ceased after he departed from Haas, rendering it irrelevant to his current situation. In its statement, the General Court emphasized that Mazepin’s association with his father lacked the necessary economic or capital connection to justify sanctions.

Mazepin welcomed the decision, acknowledging its significance, although it’s unlikely to materially affect his Formula 1 aspirations. He expressed gratitude to the European Court for a fair trial and deemed it a crucial milestone in his ongoing legal battles.

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