Tsunoda Seeks to Improve His Worth to Other F1 Teams if He Doesn’t Get Red Bull Seat

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Tsunoda wants to ‘increase his value’ to other F1 teams if he misses Red Bull seat

Heading into the current Formula 1 season, many anticipated that a stellar performance from Daniel Ricciardo would position him as the leading contender to partner Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing in 2025, replacing the soon-to-be-out-of-contract Sergio Perez.

However, the reality has been quite different. Ricciardo finds himself consistently outpaced in qualifying by his Red Bull teammate, Yuki Tsunoda, in the early races of 2024.

Tsunoda’s impressive performances, including outqualifying Ricciardo in three out of three races and edging him out in one-lap head-to-head battles toward the end of the previous season, have raised eyebrows within the paddock.

Despite Tsunoda’s strong showings, there hasn’t been much speculation regarding his chances of securing a Red Bull seat for the next season.

Tsunoda (Credits: Autosport)

When questioned by Motorsport.com about whether his competitive start could bolster his prospects with Red Bull or potentially thwart Ricciardo’s promotion hopes, Tsunoda emphasized his focus on showcasing his capabilities to all teams as his contract with Red Bull nears its end in the current year.

“I hope they will consider it,” Tsunoda expressed regarding his Red Bull prospects. “At the same time, I want to demonstrate my performance to other teams as well. I aim to enhance my value as a driver and prove that I can compete at a high level.”

Acknowledging his solid performance in Australia, Tsunoda attributed his success to having a consistent car in the form of the VCARB-01 challenger. He emphasized the importance of error-free driving, noting incidents in previous races where he lost composure, such as a disagreement over team orders in Bahrain and an almost collision with Ricciardo post-race.

Tsunoda (Credits: Autosport)

Reflecting on recent races, Tsunoda highlighted the need to maintain consistency and avoid mistakes to maximize results. Despite facing challenges, including a penalty for an unsafe release in Saudi Arabia, he remains focused on delivering strong performances.

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko commended Tsunoda’s qualifying efforts, praising his consistent presence in the top 10 without errors. Marko expressed hope that Tsunoda’s speed would translate into points finishes, considering the fierce competition among the top teams.

“The top five teams are incredibly strong, but Yuki’s consistent performance is remarkable,” Marko remarked. “Securing points would be a great achievement and a testament to his exceptional speed.”

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