Wolff Frustrated by Mercedes F1’s Australian GP DNFs, Wants to ‘Punch Himself on the Nose’

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Wolff wants to ‘punch himself on the nose’ after Mercedes F1 Australian GP DNFs

Lewis Hamilton experienced a setback in the race due to a power unit failure, with the exact cause yet to be determined. The victory went to Carlos Sainz after Max Verstappen retired early due to a brake fire.

In another incident, George Russell collided two laps from the finish line, attributing the incident to feeling unsettled by Fernando Alonso’s driving ahead of him. Alonso received a 20-second penalty for altering his driving style, causing Russell to struggle with turbulence.

This came after Hamilton and Russell encountered handling issues during practice, leading to significant setup adjustments. Hamilton’s qualifying performance was also disappointing, with both drivers starting the race further back on the grid than anticipated.

Wolff (Credits: F1)

Reflecting on the race, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff expressed frustration with the team’s lack of pace, particularly compared to McLaren and Ferrari, whom they had surpassed in the previous season. Despite moments of competitive lap times, Mercedes found themselves trailing significantly during certain stages of the race.

Wolff admitted to feeling conflicted, acknowledging both the disappointment of their current situation and the determination to turn things around. He emphasized the need to maintain belief in the team’s capabilities despite the challenging circumstances.

Summing up the weekend, Wolff described it as tough and devoid of immediate optimism. He stressed the importance of overcoming negative thoughts and maintaining faith in the team’s ability to bounce back, despite the current difficulties.


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