Cupra, Volkswagen’s Affiliate, Prepares to Make Debut in the US Market

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Volkswagen’s Sister Brand Cupra Set To Enter The US Market

The US electric vehicle (EV) market is on the brink of an exciting transformation, thanks to Volkswagen’s performance-driven Cupra brand. With plans set for the end of the decade, this esteemed European marque is gearing up to make its presence felt on American roads with a lineup of potent all-electric vehicles.

Originating as the high-performance division of the Seat brand within the Volkswagen family, Cupra ventured into a standalone identity in 2018. Now, under the stewardship of Wayne Griffiths, Cupra’s CEO, the brand is embarking on an ambitious journey into the sprawling US automotive market.

Cupra is directing its initial focus towards the thriving EV crossover sector, presenting two enticing models. At the forefront is the sleek Cupra Tavascan, an all-electric crossover that harmonizes performance-driven design with striking aesthetics. Featuring a robust 340-horsepower VZ variant, which shares its powertrain with the recently revealed ID. Buzz GTX, is positioned to garner significant attention.

Cupra (Credits: Inside Evs)

Accompanying the Tavascan is a larger electric crossover SUV, catering to the needs of families while delivering a blend of style and functionality. Notably, this larger SUV will be produced in North America, likely within Volkswagen’s existing facilities in Mexico, a move that could enhance its appeal and make it eligible for crucial EV tax incentives.

The potential inclusion of the Cupra Born in the US lineup remains uncertain. This model, essentially a rebranded VW ID.3, offers an enticing array of powertrain options, including a top-of-the-range 322-horsepower RWD VZ version.

Since its establishment, Cupra has earned praise for its daring designs, dynamic aesthetics, and an unwavering commitment to performance in the electric vehicle domain. Despite sharing platforms with Volkswagen counterparts, Cupra models distinguish themselves with unique styling elements, establishing them as an enticing alternative.

Unlike mainstream EV brands, Cupra is poised to challenge European performance rivals such as Alpine, which also harbors aspirations to introduce all-electric models in the US market. This sets the stage for intriguing rivalries within the performance EV segment.

With a successful presence in various global markets, Cupra’s CEO, Griffiths, recognizes the vast potential of the US market for further expansion. “By the end of the decade, Cupra will be entering the US market,” he affirmed. “We plan to launch with the battery-electric version of the Formentor and a larger electric crossover SUV.”

Cupra’s initial focus will be on coastal states and Sun Belt regions, where EV adoption rates tend to surpass national averages. These regions often serve as trendsetters in automotive preferences, making them key targets for Cupra’s expansion endeavors.

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