Maserati Grecale Prices Set to Surge by Thousands of Euros

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Maserati Grecale To Be Thousands’ Of Euros More Expensive

The allure of a Maserati Grecale has always been reserved for the select few, its price tag placing it beyond the reach of the average consumer. Yet, even within this exclusive realm, the Italian marque’s smallest SUV bearing the iconic Trident emblem is ascending further into the echelons of luxury, its price points ascending alongside its stature.

Available in an array of configurations, from the electric Folgore to the gasoline-powered GT, Modena, and Trofeo variants, the Maserati Grecale embodies opulence in every iteration. However, it’s the realm of traditional combustion engines, whether electrified or not, that is witnessing a marked surge in pricing.

Consider the Grecale GT, boasting a 300 horsepower mild-hybrid 2.0 four-cylinder engine. Once attainable at €115,546, its ownership now commands a staggering €121,162, reflecting a substantial increment exceeding €5,600.

Maserati Grecale
Maserati Grecale (Credits: The Wall Street Journal)

Similarly, the Grecale Modena and Trofeo editions are not immune to this upward trajectory in pricing. The Modena variant, equipped with a mild-hybrid 2.0 engine generating 330 horsepower, now carries a price tag of €129,336, representing an increase of €3,561. Meanwhile, the Trofeo, endowed with a potent 530 horsepower V6, now commands a princely sum of €193,086, marking a notable escalation surpassing €6,000.

In this realm of automotive luxury, the Maserati Grecale asserts its dominance not merely through performance and design but also through exclusivity, cementing its status as an aspirational emblem of affluence and sophistication.


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