Sauber F1 Team Issues Public Apology to Bottas for Pit Stop Problems: Emphasizing Unity and Commitment to Improvement

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Sauber: “Important” to apologise to Bottas for F1 pitstop issues

Following recent wheelnut problems for Valtteri Bottas in Bahrain and his teammate Zhou Guanyu in Saudi Arabia, Bottas faced another setback during the Australian Grand Prix when he encountered a lengthy pit stop just when he had a chance to secure valuable points.

Despite his best efforts, Bottas eventually finished in 14th place. Team principal, Alunni Bravi, wasted no time in expressing a public apology to Bottas over the team radio for the pit stop issue, assuring him that they were committed to resolving it.

Addressing the incident, Alunni Bravi emphasized the importance of unity within the team during such challenging times. He highlighted the need for solidarity and shared responsibility, emphasizing that victories and setbacks are collective experiences. He stressed that acknowledging mistakes and working together to rectify them was paramount for progress.

Sauber F1 Team
Sauber F1 Team (Credits: Motorsport)

Reflecting on the race, Bottas expressed frustration over experiencing a second pit delay in just three races, particularly when a top-10 finish seemed achievable. He acknowledged the difficulty of earning points in the competitive field and underscored the urgency in finding a solution to the pit stop issues.

Alunni Bravi acknowledged Bottas’ strong performance in Melbourne before the pit stop hiccup. He pointed out Bottas’ competitive pace early in the race, highlighting his ability to challenge competitors like Fernando Alonso. Despite the setback, Alunni Bravi drew attention to the positives, including Bottas’ race pace and the team’s impressive tire management during the first stint.

Looking ahead, Alunni Bravi assured that the team was diligently working to address the pit stop concerns, recognizing the disappointment felt by the team over missed opportunities.

He remained optimistic about the team’s potential, reaffirming their commitment to improvement and their determination to bounce back stronger in future races, with Suzuka presenting another opportunity to showcase their progress.

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