BYD Aims for Big Sales Jump in 2024, Focused on Becoming Top EV Maker

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BYD Aims For 20 Percent Growth In 2024

It’s impossible to overlook the remarkable strides made by BYD. The Chinese automotive brand appears to be setting its sights on a lofty sales target for 2024, aiming for a staggering 20 percent increase over the previous year.

BYD continually grabs headlines with its consistent sales achievements and ambitious goals. This comes as no surprise, considering the brand’s relatively recent foray into the European market, where it’s making significant strides.


Globally, BYD’s momentum is on the rise, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, which forms a substantial part of its product lineup. Although BYD hasn’t officially disclosed its targets, insiders suggest the company is eyeing a total sales figure of 3.6 million vehicles by 2024.

This projected figure, shared by sources within the industry, marks a substantial 20 percent growth compared to 2023. According to data from market analysts at Focus2Move for 2023, achieving this target would propel BYD from the tenth to the eighth spot in the global ranking of major car manufacturers.

However, the competition isn’t stagnant either. Concurrently, BYD appears to be vying for the coveted title of the world’s largest EV manufacturer by 2024, a position briefly wrestled from reigning champion Tesla in the fourth quarter of the preceding year.

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