Seven Years Ago Today: Lola Odujinrin Finished a Solo Trip Around the World

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Seven Years Ago Today : Lola Odujinrin Successfully Completed A Solo Flight Around The World

Seven years ago today, Lola Odujinrin, a British-born Nigerian, accomplished a remarkable feat by successfully completing a solo flight around the world. This achievement not only marked a personal milestone for Odujinrin but also etched his name in aviation history.

By completing this solo journey, Odujinrin became the first African to achieve such a feat, joining the ranks of only 117 individuals worldwide who have accomplished a solo flight around the globe. Additionally, he became the ninth British pilot to do so, adding another layer of accomplishment to his journey.

Over a period of nine months, Odujinrin navigated his way through more than 15 countries across five continents. His route took him through diverse landscapes and cultures, including stops in England, Valencia, and Egypt. Throughout the journey, he relied on a light single aircraft, the Cirrus SR22, which had a flight endurance of approximately four hours before requiring refueling.

Lola Odujinrin
Lola Odujinrin (Credits: Club of Mozambique)

On March 29, 2017, Odujinrin made history by concluding his “One Man, One Plane” expedition, landing at Washington Dulles International Airport, the very same airport from which he embarked on his journey in June 2016. At the age of 38, Odujinrin fulfilled a lifelong dream, showcasing not only his passion for aviation but also his determination and skill as a pilot.

Reflecting on his journey, Odujinrin expressed gratitude to those who supported him along the way. He acknowledged the backing of Air Djibouti CEO Mario Fulgoni and Cardiff Aviation Chairman Bruce Dickinson, who shared his love for flying and played instrumental roles in realizing his ambition.

Odujinrin also highlighted his desire to inspire a new generation of aviators, both in Africa and beyond, by setting a precedent and demonstrating the limitless possibilities within the realm of aviation.

In achieving this remarkable feat, Lola Odujinrin not only left an indelible mark on aviation history but also served as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring pilots worldwide. His journey stands as a testament to the power of determination, perseverance, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams.

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