Texas 2K: The Ultimate Street Car Drag Racing Showdown

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3000hp twin Turbo Dodge viper (Credits: Dodge)
3000hp twin Turbo Dodge viper (Credits: Dodge)

Texas 2K, the world’s largest street car drag racing competition, brings together some of the fastest street legal cars to compete in thrilling quarter-mile races and high-speed roll races. From JDM cars to supercars and muscle cars, enthusiasts gather at this event to witness jaw-dropping performances and see who will emerge as the champion of the strip.

Unlike other drag racing events, Texas 2K offers a unique experience with specific classes for different types of vehicles. From R35 Nissan GT-Rs to supercars and 2JZ-powered vehicles, each class competes in an eliminator-style format to determine the fastest cars on the track.

What sets Texas 2K apart is that every car participating in the event, including a monstrous twin-turbo Dodge Viper, is street legal and hits the streets post-race for a car meet.

Founded over 25 years ago, Texas 2K has evolved into the premier street car drag racing event globally. Divided into standing quarter-mile drag races and 1,500 ft roll races, the competition features various car classes with specific regulations. While some classes have fewer restrictions, such as the GTR Unlimited class, others, like the GTR 68 class, adhere to stricter guidelines to maintain the integrity of street car racing.

Nissan GTR (Credits: Nissan)
Nissan GTR (Credits: Nissan)

Among the standout performers at Texas 2K is the R35 Nissan GT-Rs, with the world’s fastest GT-Rs competing in both the Unlimited and 68 classes. Spectators witness record-breaking runs, including a remarkable 6.93-second quarter-mile run by Midnight Fury, one of the most renowned GT-Rs in the U.S. Additionally, a black R35 GT-R clocks an impressive top speed of 236.4 mph, just shy of the record, showcasing the incredible speed potential of these vehicles.

While JDM cars dominate the track, other contenders add diversity to the competition. The Toyota 2JZ engine class features iconic cars like the MKIV Toyota Supra, along with unique swaps like an FD3S Mazda RX-7 and an E92 BMW M3. Furthermore, supercars and American muscle cars make their presence felt, with a twin-turbocharged Dodge Viper ACR stealing the show with a breathtaking 6.77-second quarter-mile run at 213.2 mph.

Texas 2K is more than just a drag racing event; it’s a celebration of automotive performance and innovation. With an electrifying atmosphere and unparalleled competition, enthusiasts from around the world come together to witness the spectacle of speed and power on display at this legendary event.

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