Madrid Apartment Feud: BMW Trapped in Overnight Wall

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Madrid Apartment Feud BMW Trapped in Overnight Wall
Madrid Apartment Feud BMW Trapped in Overnight Wall

A heated dispute between a resident and the apartment building administration took a bizarre turn when, overnight, the administration constructed a wall around the resident’s BMW, leaving the owner to dismantle it the next morning.

Residing in apartment complexes can be challenging. Noise disturbances, cooking odors permeating shared spaces, and parking conflicts are commonplace. Yet, conflicts sometimes escalate to extraordinary levels. Such was the case in a Madrid, Spain, apartment building.

In a dramatic escalation of a feud between a resident and the building’s administration, a BMW found itself ensnared behind a makeshift wall overnight. The incident unfolded in the Chamber neighborhood of Madrid, Spain, where Fernando Prieto was compelled to demolish the wall to liberate his white BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe.

Madrid Apartment Feud BMW Trapped in Overnight Wall
Madrid Apartment Feud BMW Trapped in Overnight Wall (Credit: TeleMadrid/TikTok)

A video capturing Fernando dismantling the wall, constructed from a lightweight material rather than concrete, circulated on TikTok courtesy of TeleMadrid. Displaying patience, Fernando methodically dismantled the wall to access his trapped vehicle.

While precise details regarding the feud remain unconfirmed, it’s apparent that Fernando habitually parked his BMW in a manner contentious to the administration. In response, the administrator orchestrated the construction of the barrier to convey a message.

Employing a construction team and requisite materials, the administrator facilitated the wall’s construction overnight, effectively trapping the BMW. The swift execution, completed within hours, underscored the administrator’s resolve to make a statement.

Remarkably, the construction team even painted the wall to seamlessly blend with the garage’s aesthetics, indicating a level of professionalism and discretion in their operation.

Notably, the wall’s curvature mirrored the rear end of the BMW 4 Series, suggesting a deliberate effort to encompass the vehicle fully. Upon discovering his car’s predicament, Fernando was left with no recourse but to dismantle the barrier and reclaim his BMW.

This incident isn’t isolated, as Fernando had previously encountered his vehicle trapped behind a wall. Disputes over parking rights, with Fernando asserting ownership of the spot and the administration claiming it’s for public use, add further complexity to the situation.

Reports indicate that conflicts within this Madrid apartment building extend beyond parking disputes, hinting at a larger pattern of discord. Legal battles over substantial bills and allegations of favoritism in renovation dealings underscore the volatile atmosphere permeating the building.


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