Wolff: Hamilton Focused on Present, Not Distracted by Ferrari’s F1 Success

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Wolff: Hamilton not ‘looking over the fence’ at Ferrari F1 form

Ferrari seems to have overcome the issues that plagued them in recent seasons, particularly poor pit stops and questionable strategic decisions. Bolstered by improvements in race pace for the 2024 season, the Scuderia gave Red Bull a run for their money before ultimately securing a remarkable 1-2 finish at the Australian Grand Prix.

On the other hand, Mercedes finds itself grappling with the challenges posed by ground-effect technology for the third consecutive year. The performance of the W15 has been erratic, reminiscent of its predecessors. The team’s disappointment was compounded at the Melbourne race, where both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell suffered setbacks, with Hamilton retiring due to a power unit failure and Russell crashing late in the race.

Despite Hamilton’s impending departure from Mercedes to join Charles Leclerc at Ferrari at the end of the season, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff insists that the seven-time F1 world champion is fully focused on the present and not preoccupied with observing Ferrari’s success from afar.

Wolff: Hamilton Focused on Present, Not Distracted by Ferrari's F1 Success
Wolff: Hamilton Focused on Present, Not Distracted by Ferrari’s F1 Success (Credits: F1i)

When asked about how Hamilton and Russell were handling Mercedes’ ongoing struggles, Wolff praised both drivers for their resilience and commitment under challenging circumstances. He acknowledged Hamilton’s frustration at Mercedes’ performance but emphasized that the driver remained dedicated to the team’s efforts to overcome their difficulties.

Wolff acknowledged the need for introspection within the team, recognizing that human decision-making plays a crucial role in their performance. He emphasized the importance of continuous improvement and exploration of new approaches to address their challenges.

Furthermore, Wolff acknowledged the importance of effective communication, particularly in high-pressure situations. He noted the need to adapt his communication style to maintain team morale and avoid adding unnecessary pressure.

While Ferrari appears to have found success by addressing their previous shortcomings, Mercedes continues to face hurdles in their pursuit of competitiveness. However, with a dedicated team and a commitment to improvement, Mercedes remains determined to overcome their challenges and return to form in the fiercely competitive world of Formula 1.



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