Alonso’s Reaction to Penalty and Safety Concerns at Melbourne GP

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Alonso: “Strange” Australian GP penalty won’t change approach to racing in F1

The driver of the Aston Martin faced repercussions during the Melbourne race, receiving a drive-through penalty that translated into a 20-second time addition. This penalty stemmed from his assertive defense against George Russell on the final lap at Albert Park.

Executing an early deceleration tactic to ensure a clean exit from Turn 6, he caught Russell off guard, resulting in Russell losing control in the turbulent air and crashing into the barriers, obstructing the track.

Despite his surprise at the stewards’ decision, Fernando Alonso expressed his belief that the incident was a unique occurrence that wouldn’t necessitate a change in his driving approach in the future.

When questioned about his comprehension of defensive driving rules post-penalty in Japan, Alonso asserted, “It was clear. And I think it’s still clear.” He considered the penalty in Melbourne as somewhat unexpected but emphasized the continuity of his driving style and racing approach.

Alonso's Reaction to Penalty and Safety Concerns at Melbourne GP
Alonso’s Reaction to Penalty and Safety Concerns at Melbourne GP (Credits: Planet F1)

Alonso highlighted the variability in driving strategies across races, such as adjusting pace to conserve fuel, tires, or battery power. He emphasized the normalcy of such tactics in motorsports, indicating that the penalty was an anomaly unlikely to be repeated.

While the race stewards maintained that the incident’s outcome didn’t influence their decision, Alonso expressed doubts, suggesting that the penalty might have been disregarded if Russell hadn’t crashed.

Alonso emphasized the safety concerns at Turn 6 in Australia, citing previous accidents involving Alex Albon, Dennis Hauger, and George Russell. He called for improvements to the corner for the upcoming seasons, prioritizing track safety over debating driver actions.

Despite his desire to move on from the incident, Alonso stressed that the penalty itself was the primary issue for him, rather than its severity in terms of time penalties. He found the decision to penalize him the most significant aspect of the ordeal.


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