Xiaomi’s EV Venture Sees Over 100,000 Orders for the SU7 Electric Vehicle

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Xiaomi’s venture into electric vehicles (EVs) seems promising, with over 100,000 registrations and 40,000 nonrefundable deposits made, indicating a strong interest from consumers. Founder Lei Jun’s presence at the initial deliveries of the SU7 at the production plant in Beijing signals the company’s commitment to its EV endeavor, with Jun expressing confidence in China’s potential to birth a Tesla-like automotive giant.

The SU7 lineup comprises three variants: the standard model, the Pro, and the Max version, catering to different preferences and budgets. Prices start at approximately €27,810 for the base model and reach €38,700 for the top-trim Max, offering competitive pricing compared to established rivals in the EV market. Additionally, Xiaomi enticed early adopters with a limited run of 5,000 Founders Edition vehicles, further enhancing the appeal of its debut in the automotive industry.

Xiaomi (Credits: Super News)

Design-wise, the SU7 boasts a sleek and aerodynamic aesthetic, coupled with a spacious interior, promising both elegance and comfort. Leveraging its expertise in technology, Xiaomi equips the SU7 with intelligent chassis control algorithms for dynamic handling and connectivity features that integrate seamlessly with other Xiaomi devices and support Apple products, enhancing the overall user experience.

Deliveries of the Founders Edition are already underway, while other variants are slated to hit the roads by late April or May, marking Xiaomi’s entry into the competitive EV market. With its compelling package offering competitive pricing, advanced technology, and sleek design, Xiaomi appears poised to make a significant impact in the automotive industry, challenging established players and potentially reshaping the landscape of smart cars.

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