Honda Anticipates Summer Surge in MotoGP 2024

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Honda: “Reasonable” to expect summer break form boost in MotoGP 2024

The Japanese manufacturer has initiated a thorough restructuring of its MotoGP operations in response to a sustained decline in performance in recent years, compounded by the departure of top rider Marc Marquez to Gresini Ducati.

While there was hope within the Honda team during the winter as they began implementing changes to their approach and ethos, the opening rounds of the season in Qatar and Portugal last month revealed significant obstacles still remaining in their quest to close the gap with the leading contenders.

The struggles were evident as the RC213V failed to make an impact in qualifying, with none of the four riders advancing to Q2. Race performance didn’t fare much better, with 12th place being the highest achieved across the races at Losail and Portimao.

Acknowledging the current standing of the team, Honda team manager Alberto Puig conceded that they are not where they want to be, but asserted their commitment to the task of reclaiming their position at the forefront of MotoGP.

MotoGP 2024
MotoGP 2024 (Credits: Motorsport)

“We are in a phase of development,” Puig stated. “We believe progress is being made, although it’s clear that our competitors have also made advancements. We haven’t caught up as much as we anticipated at this stage, but our mission is clear.”

He continued, emphasizing the concerted efforts being made by the team: “It’s not an easy journey, but we’re allocating significant resources and manpower to the project. Despite the riders’ dissatisfaction with current performance levels, they recognize our dedication.”

While Puig acknowledged the gap between Honda and the front of the grid, he stressed the ongoing process of improvement: “We’re striving to enhance rear grip, both on entry and exit, and we’ve made some strides recently. However, more progress is needed.”

Honda is set to benefit from MotoGP’s new concession system in 2024, granting them unlimited testing opportunities with race riders throughout the year, along with increased flexibility in chassis and engine development.

The team disclosed plans for 22 private tests this year to expedite the integration of new parts into the race-spec bike.

With these regulatory changes facilitating their recovery efforts and ample resources at their disposal, Puig expressed confidence in Honda’s ability to make significant performance gains in the latter part of the season, commencing with the British Grand Prix in August.

“Our mission is clear, and we’re committed to reaching our targets,” Puig affirmed. “With the concessions and our ongoing programs, we anticipate making strides by the summer months. We hope to see substantial improvements in the latter half of the season, which align with our expectations and aspirations.”

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