Boost and MobileX Withdraw from Motorsport Amid Kostecki Supercars Fallout

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Kostecki Supercars fallout sees Boost and MobileX end motorsport involvement

Supercars champion Kostecki is set to make a return to the grid with Erebus in Taupo, marking his first appearance of the season. This announcement follows a period of absence amid allegations of bullying within the team, a matter that long-time sponsor Adderton had publicly criticized, denouncing both the team and the championship for their handling of the situation.

In light of Kostecki’s return, Adderton disclosed that Erebus had insisted the Australian racer remove brands from his helmet that had supported him during the winter. Expressing disappointment at the lack of loyalty towards Boost Mobile, Adderton declared intentions to exit motorsport globally, citing what he described as a toxic culture within Australian motorsport, driven by self-interest rather than a genuine focus on fans and the sport.

Brodie Kostecki
Brodie Kostecki (Credits: Autosport)

Adderton clarified that MobileX, a US telecoms company, would cease its sponsorship activities, underscoring a broader disengagement from motorsport. He emphasized that despite previous assertions of pulling out, Boost Mobile had not sponsored a team for over two years and was now swiftly terminating its involvement within the confines of its contractual obligations.

In a social media post, Adderton lamented the potential consequences for young racers like Brodie and Broc Feeney, expressing concern that without Boost Mobile’s support, they might miss out on opportunities to become Supercars champions. He highlighted Kostecki’s previous participation in NASCAR Cup races with MobileX sponsorship, indicating a broader departure from motorsport partnerships.

Adderton called upon detractors to financially support young talent themselves, signaling his final departure from discussions concerning Supercars, teams, or drivers. He announced intentions to notify NASCAR teams, Indy drivers, and MotoGP of his decision, expressing a sense of closure and gratitude for the journey while acknowledging the mixed reactions his actions may evoke among fans and followers.


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