Pelumi Nubi Gives Her Car from London to Lagos to Lagos State’s J Randle Centre

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Pelumi Nubi Donates Peugeot 107 She Drove From London To Lagos To Lagos State-owned J Randle Centre

Pelumi Nubi, the solo car driver who made the remarkable journey from London to Lagos, has generously donated her Peugeot 107 Hatchback to the Lagos State-owned John Randle Centre for Yoruba Culture and History.

This act of philanthropy was announced by Jubril Gawat, a Senior Special Assistant on News Media to the Governor, via Twitter on April 8, 2024. The donation underscores Nubi’s commitment to promoting cultural heritage and fostering community development.

Recognizing her extraordinary feat, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu honored Nubi with a brand new GAC-branded SUV and an apartment in Lagos. Additionally, the state government assumed all expenses related to her journey and appointed her as the Lagos Tourism Ambassador. These gestures not only acknowledge Nubi’s achievement but also serve to support her continued endeavors in promoting tourism and cultural exchange.

Pelumi Nubi
Pelumi Nubi

Nubi’s decision to donate her vehicle to the John Randle Centre signifies her desire to leave a lasting impact on Lagos State and its cultural institutions. Her journey, which captured the imagination of many, now culminates in a meaningful contribution to the preservation and celebration of Yoruba heritage.

The presentation of the new SUV and other benefits by Governor Sanwo-Olu symbolizes the state government’s appreciation for Nubi’s efforts and its commitment to recognizing exceptional individuals. By providing her with a new vehicle and accommodation, the government affirms its support for Nubi’s future endeavors and encourages others to pursue their passions and aspirations.

Embracing her position as the Lagos Tourism Ambassador, Nubi personifies the essence of adventure and cultural discovery. Her remarkable voyage from London to Lagos stands as a testament to the resilience and determination that can inspire those venturing on their own remarkable journeys. With her acts of philanthropy and dedication to her ambassadorial role, Nubi consistently leaves a beneficial mark on her community and extends her influence beyond its borders.


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