BMW Group and Rimac Forge Partnership for Next-Generation Battery Technology

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BMW Group And Rimac Join Forces For Battery Technology

BMW Group and Rimac, known for their collaboration with Porsche, are now joining forces to develop cutting-edge battery technology. This partnership aims to bring tangible results to production cars within this decade, marking a significant milestone in the automotive industry.

The collaboration is geared towards innovating high-voltage batteries, with BMW emphasizing that the outcomes will be integrated into production vehicles as early as the latter half of the decade.

Details about the specific advancements remain somewhat elusive, although the focus is likely on improving charging times and enhancing battery energy density. Rimac describes this endeavor as their “largest and most ambitious project” to date.

BMW (Credits: Reuters)

To facilitate this initiative, Rimac is establishing a battery production line at its ‘Rimac Campus’ near Zagreb. Further specifics regarding the project are yet to be disclosed, suggesting a level of secrecy surrounding the groundbreaking developments underway.

This collaboration underscores the increasing importance of advanced battery technology in the automotive sector, with major players like BMW and Rimac actively investing in research and development.

By leveraging their respective expertise, the two entities aim to push the boundaries of battery performance and contribute to the ongoing evolution of electric vehicles. The partnership between BMW Group and Rimac signals a significant step forward in the pursuit of sustainable and efficient mobility solutions.


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