Lagos Government Adding More Electric Buses for Cleaner Transit

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LASG Announces Plans To Add More Electric Buses To The BRT Fleet

The Lagos State Government has revealed plans to expand its eco-friendly transportation initiative by introducing more Electric Buses into the existing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) fleet. This announcement comes nearly a year after the commencement of the Electric Bus Pilot Program for passenger operations in the state, initiated by the Lagos State Government through the Lagos Bus Service Limited (LBSL) on May 1st, 2023.

Jubril Gawat, a Senior Special Assistant on News Media to the Governor, revealed this development in a tweet on April 8th, 2024. Gawat reminisced about the skepticism surrounding the electric buses’ performance, noting that they have proven to be a remarkable success over the past year. He highlighted the overwhelming positive response from passengers, indicating a preference for the comfort and convenience offered by the electric buses over traditional BRT buses.

The Electric Bus Pilot Program was designed as a proof-of-concept phase to showcase the viability of electric bus technology and assess its economic and environmental benefits within the Lagos State transportation system.

Lagos Government Adding More Electric Buses for Cleaner Transit
Lagos Government Adding More Electric Buses for Cleaner Transit (Credits: Electrive)

Oando Clean Energy Limited (OCEL) facilitated the pilot scheme by providing two electric buses, marked as EV 01 and EV 02. These buses have demonstrated an impressive range, capable of traveling 280km on a full charge, surpassing the average daily usage of 200km by diesel-powered BRTs.

The initiative represents a significant step towards sustainable urban mobility in Lagos, addressing concerns related to air pollution and reducing the city’s carbon footprint. By incorporating eco-friendly electric buses into the BRT fleet, the Lagos State Government aims to promote cleaner transportation alternatives while enhancing the overall commuting experience for residents.

The positive feedback from passengers, such as travel enthusiast Sesede, underscores the success of the Electric Bus Pilot Program and the growing demand for environmentally conscious transportation solutions in Lagos. Sesede’s praise for the comfort and convenience of the electric buses reflects the broader sentiment among commuters, signaling a shift towards embracing sustainable mobility options.

Looking ahead, the expansion of the electric bus fleet aligns with the Lagos State Government’s commitment to prioritizing environmentally sustainable policies and addressing the challenges of urban transportation. By scaling up the adoption of electric buses, Lagos aims to set a precedent for other cities in Nigeria and beyond, driving forward the transition towards greener and more efficient public transportation systems.

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