Alonso’s New F1 Deal and the Unfinished Business

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The unfinished business behind Alonso’s new F1 deal

Fernando Alonso, known for his longevity and unpredictable career moves, has committed to Aston Martin with a new long-term contract. This agreement includes a minimum two-year commitment to drive Aston Martin’s F1 cars, along with a future off-track role described by Alonso as a “lifetime project.” This marks the longest contract Alonso has ever signed, indicating a significant dedication to the team.

Despite his history of seeking opportunities elsewhere, including some team switches that didn’t always pan out favorably, Alonso’s decision to stay with Aston Martin could signal his final move in Formula 1. Approaching 43 years old, this contract extension aligns with the 2026 regulations era, providing Alonso with one last chance to pursue his third world championship or return to winning ways.

Alonso’s choice to remain at Aston Martin comes amidst a backdrop where other options, such as Red Bull, may have been considered. However, uncertainties within Red Bull’s management and potential future driver choices make Aston Martin a more appealing prospect for Alonso, who seeks to feel valued and essential within the team.

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso (Credits: Motorsport)

The prospect of Andrea Kimi Antonelli potentially joining Mercedes in the future suggests that Alonso sees Aston Martin as a team where he can play a significant role in shaping its trajectory toward success, particularly as the team gears up for the 2026 regulations.

Alonso’s decision to stay with Aston Martin reflects not only his desire to pursue further success in Formula 1 but also his intention to mend past relationships, particularly with Honda. Despite previous tensions during his time with McLaren, Alonso now sees an opportunity to rewrite history and strengthen his connection with Japan, where he holds deep respect for Honda’s legacy and success in motorsport.

By committing to Aston Martin, Alonso is taking control of his destiny in Formula 1, choosing to be proactive rather than waiting for the market to dictate his next move. This decision represents a full-circle moment for Alonso, reaffirming his dedication to the team and his desire to leave a lasting impact, both on and off the track.


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