Quartararo Credits Yamaha MotoGP Renewal to Big Secret Changes

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Quartararo says Yamaha MotoGP renewal down to ‘huge confidential’ changes

Last week, Yamaha made headlines by announcing the renewal of Fabio Quartararo’s contract for another two years, reportedly valued at approximately €12 million per season, extending his tenure with the team until the conclusion of 2026. This development coincides with Yamaha’s ongoing challenges in the initial stages of the 2024 season, prompting Quartararo to acknowledge discussions with other teams.

In anticipation of the Americas Grand Prix, the reigning 2021 world champion disclosed that a pivotal meeting during the previous round in Portugal played a significant role in his decision to remain with Yamaha. He highlighted the discussions held with Yamaha’s top management and engineers, revealing insights into the future direction of the M1 project spanning 2025 and 2026, which ultimately influenced his choice.

Quartararo (Credits: Autosport)

Yamaha’s strategic adjustments during the offseason, notably the recruitment of Max Bartolini, a seasoned engineer from Ducati, as technical director, further solidified Quartararo’s commitment to the team. Quartararo emphasized the substantial budget allocation by Yamaha towards enhancing the MotoGP project, coupled with Bartolini’s expertise, as crucial factors influencing his decision-making process.

The prospect of substantial improvements to the bike in the near future was another compelling aspect for Quartararo, driven by Yamaha’s revamped working methods and confidential projects earmarked for future development. He underscored the paradigm shift in Yamaha’s approach to problem-solving, exemplified by the resolve to address issues rather than opting for immediate removal, fostering a sense of loyalty and confidence in the brand.

Expressing optimism for Yamaha’s competitiveness in the coming years, Quartararo acknowledged the challenges of the current season but remained hopeful for significant progress in the near future. Despite the delayed start, he anticipates visible advancements by the midpoint of the season and aims to steadily propel Yamaha towards the forefront of MotoGP competition.

In summary, Quartararo’s decision to extend his contract with Yamaha was influenced by the promising trajectory of the M1 project, underscored by strategic personnel changes, increased budgetary allocations, and a revamped approach to innovation and problem-solving, instilling confidence in the team’s ability to regain competitiveness in the MotoGP arena over the next two years.

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