Trackhouse Stars: NASCAR and MotoGP Could Benefit from Joint Weekend

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NASCAR and MotoGP would benefit from crossover weekend, say Trackhouse stars

At Austin’s Circuit of the Americas, a unique crossover between NASCAR and MotoGP unfolded as Trackhouse’s new MotoGP team showcased their skills, coinciding with NASCAR’s Texas Motor Speedway event in Fort Worth. Hendrick Motorsports also made an appearance in the MotoGP paddock, with Jordan Taylor demonstrating the Garage 56 Le Mans Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 on track at COTA.

This collaboration between NASCAR and MotoGP echoes NASCAR’s previous partnership with IndyCar during Brickyard Weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which will conclude this year as NASCAR returns to the oval in 2024. Indianapolis has a history of hosting MotoGP events on a different variant of its road course between 2008 and 2015, with a MotoAmerica event also taking place in 2020.

NASCAR and MotoGP Could Benefit from Joint Weekend
NASCAR and MotoGP Could Benefit from Joint Weekend (Credits: Motorsport)

When asked about potential future crossover weekends, NASCAR driver Chastain expressed a preference for MotoGP due to the camaraderie with Trackhouse, highlighting the bond within the team and his excitement to follow and support them. He acknowledged the logistical challenges of running both series concurrently but remained optimistic about the possibility.

Suarez, another NASCAR driver, emphasized the potential benefits of a crossover event for both series. With MotoGP recently acquired by US owners Liberty Media, there’s an opportunity to expand its fanbase in the US, while NASCAR could gain exposure to MotoGP’s global audience. Suarez noted the passion of MotoGP fans and suggested that such an event could introduce NASCAR to a new audience.

Both drivers recognize the mutual advantages of a crossover event. MotoGP stands to gain from NASCAR’s strong presence in the US market, while NASCAR could benefit from exposure to MotoGP’s international fanbase. This symbiotic relationship could foster growth and cross-pollination between the two series, enriching the motorsport landscape.

The collaboration between NASCAR and MotoGP at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas demonstrates the potential for crossover events to enhance both series’ visibility and appeal. While logistical challenges exist, drivers like Chastain and Suarez see the opportunity for mutual growth and success through such partnerships.


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