NXT Gen Cup Details Cancellation of Formula E Support Series

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NXT Gen Cup explains dropped Formula E support plans

The NXT Gen Cup, a single-make all-electric series utilizing MINI Cooper SE road cars, debuted in Sweden the previous year under the guidance of the Lestrup Racing Team. Designed for drivers aged 15-25 of both genders, the series was slated to accompany Formula E at four prestigious rounds, including Berlin, Monaco, London, and the Misano E-Prix.

However, Formula E announced prior to the Misano event that the NXT Gen Cup would not be able to join due to unforeseen constraints. Despite the efforts of the organizing team, logistical challenges prevented the series from meeting the deadline. Nevertheless, there remains optimism for a potential inclusion in the following year’s calendar.

The cancellation was particularly disappointing as it would have marked Formula E’s first regular support series since the discontinuation of the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy in 2020. The absence of a support series has highlighted the importance of such additions to Formula E events, both for fans and aspiring drivers.

NXT Gen Cup Details Cancellation of Formula E Support Series
NXT Gen Cup Details Cancellation of Formula E Support Series (Credits: RACER)

The CEO, Dodds, emphasized the significance of a support category to enhance the overall event experience and provide a developmental pathway for young drivers. While the NXT Gen Cup may not directly lead to elite Formula E racing, it would have served as a valuable entry point for emerging talents in the motorsport world.

Dodds acknowledged that while the NXT Gen Cup may not fulfill all roles of a support series, its inclusion would have enriched the spectator experience and facilitated a transition for young drivers into higher tiers of competition. Despite the setback, the pursuit of a suitable support series remains a priority for Formula E moving forward.

In conclusion, while the NXT Gen Cup faced setbacks in its inaugural season, the vision for a support series alongside Formula E persists. The aspiration to provide a platform for young drivers and enhance the overall event atmosphere underscores the importance of such initiatives in the motorsport community.


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