Ticktum Wondered Why Others Didn’t Use ERT’s Easy Misano Formula E Plan

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Ticktum surprised other teams didn’t copy ERT’s “simple” Misano Formula E strategy

The 2024 campaign has been challenging for the Briton and his team, ERT, as they’ve struggled with energy efficiency against rival teams. This trend continued as they anticipated difficulties at Formula E’s inaugural visit to the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.

However, the Misano E-Prix proved to be chaotic, with frequent position changes due to drivers attempting to conserve energy in the slipstream. This provided an opportunity for Dan Ticktum and his teammate Sergio Sette Camara to employ a drastic strategy.

Ticktum expressed surprise that other teams hadn’t attempted their strategy, which involved hanging back and lifting 30 meters earlier on every straight, utilizing the concertina effect to catch up. He credited a few changes in the car’s systems for enhancing their powertrain efficiency.

Ticktum’s race performance was strong, leading to a sixth-place finish on the road, later upgraded to fifth after a penalty for another driver. He highlighted the importance of luck but also emphasized the team’s effective control over the elements they could influence.

Ticktum Wondered Why Others Didn't Use ERT's Easy Misano Formula E Plan
Ticktum Wondered Why Others Didn’t Use ERT’s Easy Misano Formula E Plan (Credits: Motorsport)

The success of their strategy in the first Misano E-Prix might be challenging to replicate in the upcoming race. Ticktum anticipates that other teams will be more aware of ERT’s tactics, potentially diminishing their effectiveness.

Moreover, the Sunday race is scheduled to be shorter, reducing the necessity for extensive energy-saving measures in the early laps. Despite this, Ticktum remains hopeful that they can execute a similar approach.

Sergio Sette Camara, though provisionally classified seventh, received a post-race penalty, denying him a points finish. He described the race as a combination of strategy and luck, with powertrain performance playing a less decisive role.

Sette Camara acknowledged the track’s emphasis on powertrain characteristics, acknowledging that their car wasn’t ideally suited but recognizing the potential for unpredictable races, reminiscent of previous experiences such as Portland last year.

The Misano E-Prix presented challenges for ERT, but they capitalized on the chaotic nature of the race with a strategic approach that led to a strong finish for Ticktum. However, replicating this success may prove difficult in the next race, as other teams are expected to adapt.

Sette Camara echoed the sentiment that the race was a mix of strategy and luck, with powertrain performance being less determinative. Despite setbacks, both drivers remain optimistic about their chances in future races.


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