Komatsu: Gene Haas Wants to Invest in F1 Team Wisely

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Komatsu: Gene Haas still keen to invest in F1 team if money not wasted

After enduring four seasons without a single podium finish and a mere 52 points overall, the Haas F1 team saw significant changes last winter. Guenther Steiner, the team principal, and Simone Resta, the technical director, departed.

In their places came ex-trackside engineering director Komatsu and Andrea de Zordo, who took over as technical director. These changes were prompted by owner Gene Haas’ frustration with the team’s poor performance and Steiner’s complaints about insufficient investment.

Despite these shake-ups, there’s a renewed commitment from Gene Haas himself. Komatsu, the new team principal, stated that Haas is ready to invest more in the team’s development. Haas has emphasized the importance of responsible and efficient use of resources, indicating a willingness to invest further once the team proves its capability. This commitment is evidenced by plans for a new motorhome and ongoing recruitment efforts within the team.

Komatsu: Gene Haas Wants to Invest in F1 Team Wisely
Komatsu: Gene Haas Wants to Invest in F1 Team Wisely (Credits: F1 Chronicle)

Komatsu aims to regain Gene Haas’ trust and believes that the team will receive the promised investments once they demonstrate responsible use of resources. He also clarified that the decision to invest in a new motorhome was made before the team’s recent improved performance, reinforcing Haas’ commitment to the team’s future.

Currently sitting in seventh place in the constructors’ championship, Haas acknowledges that it will face challenges from teams like Red Bull, Williams, Sauber, and Alpine. Despite this, the team remains focused on efficiently introducing quality upgrades rather than overwhelming quantity. They recognize that new hires won’t immediately impact performance, so their strategy revolves around maximizing efficiency with their existing resources.

Komatsu emphasized the importance of focusing on what the team can control, prioritizing efficiency in development, and introducing upgrades in a timely manner. With a pragmatic approach, Haas aims to maintain its position in the championship standings while preparing for future improvements with the anticipated arrival of new team members.


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