Why MotoGP’s COTA Thriller Aligns Perfectly with Liberty’s Vision

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Why MotoGP’s COTA thriller was just what Liberty wanted to see

The American sports scene is often characterized by gimmicks like the ‘Make Some Noise Meter’ to rile up fans, but the atmosphere at outdoor racetracks, like COTA during the MotoGP round, is genuinely electric, with fans reacting passionately to the thrilling on-track action.

The recent announcement of F1 owner Liberty’s plan to acquire 86% of MotoGP owners Dorna Sports for €4.2 billion has elevated the significance of MotoGP’s annual visit to Austin’s Circuit of the Americas. With the acquisition, America now holds a major stake in the sport, making its growth in the country a priority.

Under Liberty’s leadership, F1 has seen a surge in at-track attendance, and there’s hope that similar strategies can be applied to MotoGP to expand its audience beyond its current strongholds in Spain, Italy, France, and other regions.

Why MotoGP's COTA Thriller Aligns Perfectly with Liberty's Vision
Why MotoGP’s COTA Thriller Aligns Perfectly with Liberty’s Vision (Credits: Motorsport)

Liberty aims to leverage its experience in showcasing the excitement of motorsports, without altering MotoGP’s thrilling essence. The focus is on attracting new fans, especially from younger demographics, by highlighting the heroic stories of riders and enhancing the visibility of compelling characters on the grid.

While MotoGP offers thrilling racing with a rich unpredictability compared to F1, there’s room for improvement in terms of promotion and audience engagement. Despite MotoGP’s international appeal, efforts to broaden its fanbase, especially in the US, are essential for sustained growth.

The acquisition presents an opportunity for MotoGP to capitalize on Liberty’s expertise in media promotion and storytelling, potentially elevating the sport to new heights. By effectively narrating its compelling narratives and embracing its unique identity, MotoGP can captivate a wider audience and achieve greater success globally.

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