YouTuber Fixes Marcus Rashford’s Crashed Rolls-Royce, Buys Another to Help

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YouTuber Who Bought Marcus Rashford’s Wrecked Rolls-Royce Buys Another Rolls-Royce To Fix It

Mat Armstrong, a prominent YouTuber, embarked on an ambitious project to restore a wrecked Rolls-Royce once owned by Manchester United star Marcus Rashford. Rashford had crashed his £700,000 Mansory Black Badge Wraith in September while leaving the Carrington training base, causing significant damage to the vehicle’s front left side, including a detached wheel.

Undeterred by the extent of the damage, Mat Armstrong saw potential in the badly damaged Rolls-Royce and purchased it at an auction for £184,000. Despite the car having only 1,000 miles on the clock before the accident, upon delivery, Armstrong discovered that the damage was more severe than anticipated, prompting him to seek additional parts for the rebuild.

To facilitate the restoration process, Armstrong acquired another Rolls-Royce for £90,000, intending to salvage non-Mansory parts for the reconstruction. Fortunately, Marcus Rashford and his team offered assistance after Armstrong’s video documenting the purchase of the damaged vehicle garnered significant attention, amassing over five million views.

YouTuber Fixes Marcus Rashford's Crashed Rolls-Royce, Buys Another to Help
YouTuber Fixes Marcus Rashford’s Crashed Rolls-Royce, Buys Another to Help (Credits: Manchester Evening News)

Rashford’s team reached out to Armstrong, providing him with various car parts, including a Mansory car cover, floor mat, boot mat, grill surround, and a wheel cap, along with crucial items like the vehicle’s ghost code, tracker information, and spare key. These contributions were instrumental in saving Armstrong a substantial amount of money and expediting the restoration process.

In a gesture of gratitude, Armstrong publicly thanked Rashford and his team for their generosity, acknowledging the significant cost savings resulting from their assistance. With the aid of the provided spare key and secret code, Armstrong was finally able to start and drive the Mansory Rolls-Royce Black Badge Wraith, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing restoration project.

Despite making progress in getting the vehicle back on the road, Armstrong continues to work on rebuilding the car, demonstrating his dedication to the ambitious undertaking. Through his YouTube channel, which boasts over 2.7 million subscribers, Armstrong continues to share updates on the restoration, engaging his audience in the journey of resurrecting Rashford’s wrecked Rolls-Royce.


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