Ricky Taylor Seeks Second Chance at Long Beach

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Ricky Taylor looking for redemption at Long Beach

A year ago, a pit stop mishap during a co-driver swap with Filipe Albuquerque put Jordan Taylor in a challenging position at the helm of the No. 10 Acura ARX-07 for Wayne Taylor Racing with Andretti.

Despite an 8-second gap with only eight minutes remaining, Taylor mounted a fierce comeback to second place. In a bold move with three minutes left, he attempted to pass race leader Mathieu Jaminet’s Penske Porsche 963 on worn tires. However, misjudging the grip off the racing line led Taylor into the tire barrier, securing Jaminet’s victory.

Even after a year, the loss still weighs heavily on Taylor’s mind. He expresses his eagerness to return to the circuit, fueled by a desire to rewrite history. Reflecting on the race, Taylor admits ownership of the incident and expresses a longing for a second chance to rectify the outcome.

Ricky Taylor Seeks Second Chance at Long Beach
Ricky Taylor Seeks Second Chance at Long Beach (Credits: INKL)

When asked if he would repeat the move in a similar situation, Taylor emphasizes the importance of context. While acknowledging the consequences of his actions, he maintains that the decision was made in the heat of the moment, with the championship standings and race dynamics in mind. Despite the hindsight, he believes it was a risk worth taking at the time.

Currently standing eighth in the championship standings after two rounds, Taylor hints at a more aggressive approach for the upcoming race. With the need for points and a favorable result, he anticipates a proactive strategy to secure a competitive position on the 1.968-mile temporary street circuit.

Taylor identifies the softer tire compound as a significant factor that could influence race dynamics. Expecting higher tire degradation, he foresees more defensive driving strategies and strategic pit stops. With the potential for varied approaches and unpredictable outcomes, Taylor anticipates an exciting and dynamic race characterized by strategic maneuvers and intense competition.

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