Car Salesman Sets Co-worker’s Lamborghini on Fire Over Commission Dispute

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Car Salesman Burn Down His Colleague’s Lamborghini During A Dispute On Commission

In Hyderabad’s Pahadi Shareef area, a heated dispute between two car salesmen escalated dramatically when one set ablaze the Lamborghini Gallardo belonging to his colleague during a commission disagreement. The incident, occurring on April 13th, gained widespread attention after footage of the burning sports car circulated on social media, leaving bystanders stunned.

The individuals involved, identified as Ahmed and Neeraj, were both engaged in the business of reselling used cars in India. They had convened to address a previous disagreement related to the sale of a vehicle. However, tensions flared during their discussion, ultimately leading to a confrontation that ended with Ahmed allegedly igniting the Lamborghini.

Car Salesman Sets Co-worker's Lamborghini on Fire Over Commission Dispute
Car Salesman Sets Co-worker’s Lamborghini on Fire Over Commission Dispute

Neeraj, the owner of the yellow Lamborghini, lodged a formal complaint with local law enforcement following the incident. According to reports from The Times Of India (TOI), the dispute centered on commission sharing from a prior car sale. Police sources, including Pahadishareef inspector Guruva Reddy, confirmed the nature of the disagreement between the two salesmen.

Despite efforts by the fire department to extinguish the flames, the Lamborghini sustained irreparable damage before assistance arrived. The Gallardo, produced by Lamborghini from 2003 to 2013 and now classified as a pre-owned vehicle, was a notable model within the brand’s lineup, with over 14,000 units manufactured during its production period. It served as a sales flagship for Lamborghini until being succeeded by the Huracán in 2014.

The shocking incident underscores the severity of disputes within the automotive industry and highlights the potential consequences when conflicts escalate unchecked. The viral nature of the footage serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the need for conflict resolution mechanisms and effective communication strategies within business settings to prevent such destructive outcomes in the future.


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