Chase Briscoe: Feeling Confident About Winning Soon

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Surging Chase Briscoe says a win “is right around the corner”

Chase Briscoe heads into this weekend’s race at Talladega Superspeedway with a momentum boost from consecutive top-10 finishes, including a season’s best sixth place at Texas.

These strong performances have elevated Briscoe to 12th in the series standings, the highest among all Stewart-Haas Racing drivers, and instilled confidence in him moving forward. Despite feeling frustrated with his speed potential, Briscoe sees a win on the horizon and believes a few adjustments can make it a reality.

Talladega presents a promising opportunity for Briscoe and Ford to clinch their first win of the year. With Ford boasting 32 Cup victories at the superspeedway over the years, including at least one win in 11 of the last 12 seasons, the track holds promise. Briscoe’s track record at Talladega is commendable, with only one finish outside the top-15 in six Cup starts. His average finish of 14.8 is fourth best among current full-time series drivers, highlighting his proficiency at the track.

Chase Briscoe
Chase Briscoe (Credits: The Times-Mail)

Expressing his enthusiasm for the prospect of victory at Talladega, Briscoe emphasizes the historical significance, especially coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the Mustang. The recent celebration of the iconic sports car’s milestone adds to the motivation for Briscoe and his team to secure a win in their Ford Mustangs.

Reflecting on the season thus far, Briscoe acknowledges its slow start but underscores its importance in his NASCAR career development.

With the addition of new teammates at Stewart-Haas Racing, Briscoe has found enjoyment in the camaraderie and teamwork, which he believes has improved significantly compared to previous seasons. This enhanced teamwork bodes well for the challenges ahead, especially at a track like Talladega, where collaboration can significantly impact the race outcome.

Briscoe emphasizes the importance of sticking to the plan at Talladega, recognizing the track’s unpredictable nature. While the intention is always to win, Briscoe acknowledges the need for adaptability, as plans often evolve throughout the race. Despite the unpredictable nature of Talladega, Briscoe aims for a solid performance, understanding that even a top-15 finish can be satisfying given the circumstances.

Heading into Talladega, Briscoe’s optimism is fueled by recent successes and the potential for a breakthrough victory. With a combination of skill, teamwork, and adaptability, Briscoe and his team are poised to tackle the challenges of one of NASCAR’s most unpredictable tracks, aiming for a strong finish and perhaps a trip to Victory Lane.


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