NCAA Stops Three Private Jet Companies’ Commercial Flights

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NCAA Suspends Permits Of Three Private Jet Operators For Conducting Commercial Flights

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has taken decisive action by suspending the permits of three private jet operators for engaging in commercial flights, contrary to regulations. This move comes after repeated warnings to private jet operators with Permits for Non-Commercial Flights (PNCF) to refrain from conducting commercial services. Furthermore, existing Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holders have been cautioned against utilizing aircraft listed on their PNCF for commercial charter operations.

Acting Director General of the NCAA, Captain Chris Najomo, emphasized the authority’s commitment to enforcing regulations and maintaining standards in the aviation sector. The suspension of the permits underscores a zero-tolerance approach towards regulatory violations, as stated by Najomo. Additionally, a re-evaluation of all PNCF holders has been ordered to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

NCAA Stops Three Private Jet Companies' Commercial Flights
NCAA Stops Three Private Jet Companies’ Commercial Flights (Credits: YouTube)

In a directive aimed at tightening oversight, Najomo has mandated all holders of PNCF to submit relevant documents within a strict timeframe of 72 hours. This measure aims to enhance transparency and accountability within the sector, ensuring that operators adhere to established regulations. Furthermore, existing AOC holders have been reminded of their responsibility to comply with regulations when utilizing aircraft for commercial charter operations.

The NCAA’s announcement also serves as a warning to the public regarding the risks associated with patronizing airline charter operators without a valid Air Operator Certificate issued by the authority. This cautionary advice underscores the importance of verifying the legitimacy of charter operations services to ensure safety and compliance with regulatory standards. By issuing this warning, the NCAA seeks to safeguard passengers and uphold the integrity of the aviation industry.

The suspension of permits and the subsequent directives from the NCAA reflect a proactive approach to addressing regulatory violations and ensuring compliance within the aviation sector. By enforcing stringent measures and urging adherence to established regulations, the authority aims to foster a safer and more transparent operating environment for all stakeholders involved in air transportation in Nigeria.


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