Malaysian King Receives Gift of China’s Most Expensive Car: The $691,000 Retro-Style Hongqi L5 Limousine

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Malaysian King Gifted China’s Most Expensive Car, The Retro-style Hongqi L5 Limo Worth $691,000

The King of Malaysia, His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar, has made history by becoming the first non-Chinese individual to own the prestigious Hongqi L5 limousine, China’s most expensive ultra-luxury car. Presented to him during a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia on April 12th, the event marked a significant moment in cross-cultural automotive ownership.

Priced at 5,000,000 yuan (approximately $691,000), the Hongqi L5 stands as the epitome of Chinese automotive craftsmanship and luxury. Surpassing even Rolls-Royce’s flagship model, the Phantom 8, in cost, this vehicle represents a fusion of opulence and innovation.

Hongqi L5 Limousine
Hongqi L5 Limousine (Credits: Paultan)

The newest version of the Hongqi L5, introduced at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in April 2023, signals a departure from its predecessor’s exclusive clientele. While the earlier model was tailored for Chinese billionaires and celebrities, the latest generation seeks to expand its appeal, striving to bring luxury within reach of a broader spectrum of consumers.

Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar’s acquisition of the Hongqi L5 is not only a testament to his affinity for luxury vehicles but also underscores the burgeoning diplomatic ties between China and Malaysia. In his remarks, the King highlighted the importance of bilateral relations and the potential for further collaboration between the two nations.

Images of the retro-styled limousine shared on Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar’s Facebook page showcase his keen interest in exploring the vehicle’s features. As the world’s gaze turns toward this historic moment, it symbolizes not only a personal milestone for the Malaysian monarch but also a milestone in the global automotive industry’s evolution and the expanding influence of Chinese luxury brands.


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