BMW Makes Big Cuts to EV Prices in the US

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BMW Dramatically Reduces Prices Of Its EVs In The US

BMW has recently implemented substantial price reductions on its electric vehicle lineup in the United States, providing an enticing opportunity for prospective buyers. Until April 30, customers can benefit from generous rebates, marking a significant move by the German automaker to incentivize EV adoption in the market.

The incentives are particularly attractive, offering discounts of $5,000 on i4 and i5 sedans and $7,500 on flagship models like the i7 sedan and iX SUV, irrespective of whether the purchase is financed through BMW or made with cash.

Existing BMW owners stand to gain even more from these offers, with loyalty bonuses ranging from $1,000 for the i4 to $3,000 for the i7. This additional perk serves as a commendable gesture by BMW to reward its loyal customer base, further enhancing the appeal of transitioning to electric vehicles within the brand’s ecosystem. The combination of general incentives and loyalty bonuses presents a compelling proposition for consumers considering a switch to electric mobility.

BMW Logo (Credits: Reuters)

In addition to purchase incentives, BMW is extending attractive lease deals that further reduce the financial barrier to entry for EVs. Lease offers include discounts of $7,500 on the i4 and i5, and a remarkable $9,900 off the i7 and iX models. With the inclusion of loyalty discounts, the savings become even more substantial, potentially resulting in significant cost reductions for interested buyers, particularly on higher-end models like the i7 sedan.

However, it’s important to note that these special offers have an expiration date at the end of April, urging potential buyers to act swiftly to take advantage of the discounted prices. Moreover, for individuals transitioning from other EV brands residing on the West Coast, BMW is extending an additional $1,000 bonus, further sweetening the deal and enhancing the appeal of BMW’s electric vehicle lineup in the competitive EV market.


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