RIZON Electric Trucks Now on US Roads

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A rizon truck concept (Credits: Rizon)

The first electric RIZON trucks have officially hit the road in the US. These eco-friendly trucks are made by Daimler Truck and are perfect for city deliveries and trips up to 160 miles per day. They come in all sorts of styles, from box trucks to flatbeds, so they can be used for many different hauling needs.

Several California companies are already putting these new electric trucks to good use. The folks at LA Sanitation & Environment are using them to pick up trash cans, while Goodwill Industries of San Diego County is using one to haul around donated clothes and books. Diamond Environmental is also using electric RIZON trucks for its portable restroom business. Even a truck rental company called Velocity Truck Rental & Leasing got their hands on a few RIZONs to offer for rent.

A Rizon truck (Credits: Rizon)

Daimler Truck says these electric trucks are built to last, thanks to their experience making electric vehicles all over the world. They have a special electric axle design and all the latest safety features, and they can be customized with different bodies depending on the job. So, next time you see a quiet truck zipping around California, it might just be one of these new electric RIZOns!


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