Japan Charges Up for the Future! WiTricity Joins Wireless EV Charging Council

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Revolutionizing EV Charging
Revolutionizing EV Charging

Wireless car charging is about to become a big deal in Japan. WiTricity, a company leading the way in this technology, just joined forces with several Japanese companies to create a council specifically for promoting wireless EV charging. This council includes big names like Daihen, Sinanen, Kansai Electric Power, and the Mitsubishi Research Institute.

WiTricity is so committed to Japan that they’re even opening a new office there called WiTricity Japan KK. This will allow them to better serve Japanese customers and work on wireless charging projects throughout the country.

Revolutionizing EV Charging
Revolutionizing EV Charging (Credits: Business Standard)

There are a few reasons why wireless charging a great fit for Japan is. First, Japanese cities are very crowded, and there often isn’t a lot of space for traditional charging stations with plugs. Wireless charging doesn’t need as much space, making it a perfect solution. Imagine parking in a garage and your car automatically starts charging without you even needing to plug it in – that’s the future WiTricity is working on!

Wireless charging is also a good option for businesses with electric vehicle fleets. It can save them money and make things more efficient.

According to Alex Gruzen, CEO of WiTricity, this new council is a big step forward for wireless charging in Japan. He says they’ll be working with these Japanese companies to show how wireless charging can benefit everyone and get more people using it.

He also highlighted the importance of WiTricity having a physical presence in Japan so they can understand the needs of Japanese carmakers and drivers. This will help them develop wireless charging solutions that work best for the Japanese market. This is a big win for wireless charging and for the future of electric cars in Japan!

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