Josh Berry Remains Calm Amidst Challenging 2024 Season

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Josh Berry “not necessarily panicked” over tough 2024 season

Berry embarked on a tumultuous journey at the onset of the year, navigating his first full-time Cup schedule while transitioning to Stewart-Haas Racing and adapting to Ford Performance’s updated ‘Dark Horse’ Mustang. Amidst this whirlwind of change, coupled with on-track and pit road mishaps, Berry’s debut with SHR’s No. 4 team has been marred by disappointment, lacking a top-10 finish thus far.

Despite the rocky start, Berry remains optimistic about their progress. Drawing upon his successful tenure in the Xfinity Series, where he clinched five victories over three seasons, and his notable performances as a substitute driver for Hendrick Motorsports in 2023, Berry asserts his capability to excel at this level.

Josh Berry
Josh Berry (Credits: Motorsport)

While Berry has showcased promise on short tracks like Bristol and Richmond, securing 12th and 11th place finishes respectively, his position in the series standings remains stagnant at 28th. Encountering crashes at Atlanta and Texas further compounded his challenges, underscoring the arduous nature of competition in the Cup Series.

Regarding Ford’s performance this season, Berry remains unperturbed by the absence of wins among Ford drivers. He attributes fluctuations in performance to a myriad of factors, including car setup, speed, and pit road execution. Despite setbacks, Berry emphasizes the team’s commitment to improvement, confident that adherence to their strategy will yield better results.

Reflecting on the recent race at Talladega, where Ford drivers were poised for victory before an untimely block altered the outcome, Berry underscores Ford’s ongoing efforts to refine their cars and engines. Amidst the pressure and scrutiny, Berry remains steadfast in his belief that sustained dedication and refinement will eventually lead to success, dismissing notions of panic and advocating for patience in the pursuit of excellence.


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