General Atomics’ Milestone: Armed Mojave UAS Demonstrates Superiority

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General Atomics' Milestone
General Atomics' Milestone

General Atomics achieved a remarkable milestone in military drone technology, demonstrating the formidable capabilities of the Mojave Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). Conducted at the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona, the test showcased the Mojave’s integration of advanced weaponry, marking a significant advancement in aerial combat capabilities.

The Mojave UAS, a derivative of the Gray Eagle 25M, showcased its adaptability and firepower during live-fire tests. Equipped with two gun pod systems, the drone unleashed a torrent of firepower, validating its effectiveness as an armed reconnaissance platform.

General Atomics' Milestone
General Atomics’ Milestone (Credit: General Atomics)

With its ability to take off and land from short, unimproved sites, including aircraft carriers, the Mojave UAS offers unparalleled flexibility in military operations. Its impressive payload capacity and extended flight range make it a formidable asset for over-the-horizon targeting and electronic warfare.

General Atomics’ successful demonstration paves the way for the Mojave UAS to become a key asset in military operations, providing unmatched firepower and reconnaissance capabilities to support troops on the ground.


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