Sovereign Citizen’s Case Lands 12-Year Sentence

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Mesa County Justice Center (Credits: The Daily Sentinnel)

A man from Colorado was given a 12-year jail sentence for causing trouble with legal papers for two years. Instead of fixing his traffic tickets and other small problems, he chose to harass judges and people with what the FBI calls “paper terrorism” and threats. Here are some things he did:

– Claimed his freedom was a right and said anyone who tried to stop him would be punished.
– Accused his child’s mother of kidnapping and demanded money from her.
– Blamed a judge for a custody case and threatened to harm her.
– Demanded money from judges, police officers, and others.
– Tried to get money from people involved in a child abuse investigation against him.
– Filed fake legal papers against people who he thought wronged him.
– Asked for money from a newspaper editor who wrote about his case.

Sovereign Citizen's Case Lands 12-Year Sentence
Mesa County Justice Center (Credits: KREX)

People in his town were scared of him because he kept doing these things. Even though he got 12 years in jail for 20 crimes like threatening judges, people are still worried about him. They’re not sure if he’ll stay in jail or if he’ll cause more trouble when he gets out.

Sovereign citizens like him often try to use fake license plates and say they don’t have to follow the law. They make up reasons to avoid obeying the rules, but it never works. Police have to deal with these kinds of people a lot, especially in traffic court. Maybe Nelson will learn about real laws while he’s in jail, but who knows what he’ll do when he’s out.


By Preksha Sharma

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