Electric Cars: Not Going Anywhere As Toyota & Honda Invest Big Time

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Honda and Toyota says that EVs are far from done

People have been criticizing Toyota for being slow to develop electric cars (EVs). They only offer a couple of EVs in the US, and they’ve lobbied against stricter emissions rules. But things are changing!

Toyota is now investing billions of dollars in electric cars here in the US. They’re building a new factory in Indiana to make a large, three-row electric SUV. This is on top of another electric SUV they’re already building in Kentucky.

Toyota is also going to make battery packs for their electric cars at a new factory in North Carolina. This shows they’re serious about making EVs a big part of their business. Honda is another Japanese car company that’s been slow on EVs. But they just announced a huge investment in Canada to build electric cars and batteries.

Toyota's Electric Crossovers for China
Toyota’s Electric Crossovers for China (Credits: China Daily)

Some people might think Japanese car companies are too far behind to compete in electric cars. But I think they have a good chance of catching up. Toyota has a loyal customer base, a strong dealer network, and lots of experience building cars in the US. If they can build affordable and reliable electric cars, they’ll be successful.

China’s EV Market: Boom or Bust?

China’s electric car market is booming, but there are storm clouds on the horizon. The government is helping the industry grow, but there are too many electric car companies! Some experts say that by the end of the decade, only a handful of these companies will be left standing.

There are about 200 electric car companies in China right now, all competing for a slice of the pie. This fierce competition is leading to a price war, which could hurt some companies. It’s kind of like a boxing match, and only the strongest will survive.

A Honda CR-V (Credits Honda)
A Honda CR-V (Credits: Honda)

Experts are predicting a “brutal elimination round” for Chinese electric car companies. Even the CEOs of some of the biggest companies are saying that many smaller companies won’t make it.

Tesla’s Former Top Dog Sells His Stock

Tesla, a major player in the electric car market, recently laid off some employees and its stock price has been down. One of Tesla’s top executives just sold a whole bunch of his Tesla stock, which makes some people worry that he doesn’t believe in the company’s future.

Tesla helped make electric cars popular, but now they face a lot of competition. Tesla’s CEO says the company is still focused on self-driving cars and robotaxis, but some people are worried about Tesla’s future.

In the past, Japanese car companies took over the global auto market. Could Chinese electric car companies do the same? Only time will tell if China’s electric car boom will fizzle out or become a dominant force.


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