Dream Rig Hits a Snag: Company Converting Hummer EVs to Campers Folds

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Overlander Hummer EV (Credits: MotorTrend)

Fans of overland travel are in mourning today as EarthCruiser, a company known for its high-end camper vans and trucks, announced its closure. Their last day of business will be April 25th.

The Oregon-based company cited economic factors and changes in the market as reasons for shutting down. In a message to their customers, EarthCruiser expressed their gratitude to employees, partners, and adventurers who supported their brand. While they acknowledge this is the end of an era, they take pride in the legacy they leave behind with their innovative vehicles and their contribution to the world of overlanding.

Founded in 2008, EarthCruiser offered a variety of camper conversions built onto different vehicles. Their most affordable option, the Terranova, started at a cool $350,000 and was built on a heavy-duty Ford or Ram truck platform. If you had even deeper pockets, EarthCruiser offered the FX and EXP campers starting at nearly $600,000. These campers were built on Isuzu platforms with powerful V8 engines for off-roading adventures.

Front profile of the GMC HUMMER EV EarthCruiser Upfit by EarthCruiser (Credits: Top Gear)

One of their most recent projects was a particularly exciting one: a camper conversion for the electric GMC Hummer truck. This innovative camper featured a pop-up roof, a comfortable bed, a mini kitchen, and even a shower. Solar panels and a battery provided power, allowing off-grid camping for up to a week.

Unfortunately, EarthCruiser only built one of these Hummer campers and it has already been sold. While they won’t be building any more themselves, they’ve mentioned the possibility of selling the designs to someone else who might be interested in continuing the project.

However, there is a tiny glimmer of hope. EarthCruiser is open to selling the design plans for the Hummer camper. If you’re a company that builds campers and you’re interested in bringing this off-road electric camping dream to life, you might be able to buy the plans from EarthCruiser.


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