Majority in Alabama Favors Union Representation

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Majority in Alabama Favors Union Representation
Alabama Union Representation (Credits: Alabama Policy Institute)

The American South has a long history of not supporting unions, dating back to the time of the Confederates. But things might be changing. Around 5,200 workers at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Vance, Alabama, will soon vote on whether to join the United Auto Workers union. And it turns out, most of Alabama is in favor of it. A recent survey by More Perfect Union found that over 52 percent of people in the state support autoworkers unionizing, while only 21 percent are against it.

This move towards unions in the South seems to be gaining momentum. Just recently, workers at Volkswagen’s plant in Tennessee voted to join the UAW, marking a significant shift. This has encouraged workers at other companies, like Hyundai’s factory in Montgomery, to consider unionizing too. However, it’s not an easy road ahead for them.

Majority in Alabama Favors Union Representation
Alabama Union Representation (Credits: WIRED)

Alabama is known for being conservative, with strong support for figures like Donald Trump and Governor Key Ivey, who are against unions. Governor Ivey even joined other governors in denouncing unionizing efforts in their states. But surprisingly, support for unions cuts across political lines in Alabama, with people from different backgrounds and beliefs recognizing the benefits of unions for workers.

According to the More Perfect Union survey, a majority of Alabamians believe that joining the UAW would lead to better wages, healthcare, and retirement benefits for workers, as well as safer working conditions. Despite facing resistance from company leaders, including anti-union presentations by the CEO of Mercedes-Benz U.S., over seventy percent of workers at the Mercedes-Benz plant have shown interest in joining a union by signing National Labor Relations Board cards.


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