BMW’s Holographic i8 Channels Paris Hilton’s Glamour

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BMW's Holographic i8 Channels Paris Hilton's Glamour
BMW's Holographic i8 (Credits: BMW)

Not every car suits everyone, and that’s okay. This 2015 BMW i8 on sale at Cars & Bids might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it could be someone’s dream car. It’s got a special design with a mid-engine and a body made of carbon fiber, plus a Mini engine, and a hybrid system, and can go 15 miles on electric power alone. It only has 357 horsepower, doesn’t have a manual transmission, and it’s wrapped in holographic material. That’s not something everyone would go for.

But somehow, the i8 makes it work, even with the holographic wrap. If you want a car that turns heads, this one will definitely do that. You could always take the wrap off if you don’t like it, but why not leave it for someone who loves it just as it is?

BMW's Holographic i8 Channels Paris Hilton's Glamour
BMW’s Holographic i8 (Credits: BMW)

If the wrap looks familiar, it might be because Paris Hilton had a similar i8 with the same kind of wrap, at least as recently as 2020. Her car had different wheels, but most people probably won’t notice. You could even joke that you bought it from her if you want, but be careful not to take the joke too far, or her lawyers might come calling. There can’t be too many i8s with a holographic wrap out there.

You might not actually be a famous heiress, DJ, model, or whatever else Paris Hilton is up to these days, but when you’re driving your i8, you can at least feel a bit like her. And maybe, for the right person, that’s what really matters.


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