Going Green on Land and Sea: Maritime Transport Electrifies Trucks

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Maritime Transport Electric Trucks (Credits: Trans.INFO)

A major shipping and transport company in the UK, Maritime Transport, is taking a big step towards eco-friendly trucking. They’re replacing some of their diesel trucks with brand-new electric semi trucks.

To start, they’ve ordered a total of 48 electric and hydrogen-powered semi trucks. The first 18 are already on their way, and they’re impressive. These electric trucks, built by Scania, can travel up to 310 miles on a single charge, which is enough to reach all of Maritime Transport’s rail terminals from any major port in the UK.

Maritime Transport orders 18 electric lorries (Credits: Trans.INFO)

This switch to electric trucks is part of Maritime Transport’s plan to become more environmentally friendly. They aim to move more cargo by rail, using electric trucks for shorter trips at the beginning and end of each journey. This will significantly reduce their reliance on diesel fuel and emissions.

The new electric trucks are expected to arrive later this year and in early 2025. To keep these electric giants charged up, Maritime Transport will also be installing high-powered charging stations at all their depots, terminals, and storage sites.

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