RFK/Trump Car Barred from Indy 500 Racing

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RFK/Trump Car Barred from Indy 500 Racing
RFK Jr. and Trump and a Billboard (Credits: The Times)

The top racing series in America said no to one team’s plan to use a strange combination of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Donald J. Trump logos for the big race next month, as reported by Racer.

Just so you know, it’s election year in 2024, and the series doesn’t want to get mixed up in politics. The Indianapolis 500 is the series’ most important race, with about 300,000 fans showing up every year. If they allowed the RFK/Trump logos, it might have looked like they were supporting those candidates.

An IndyCar spokesperson told Racer, “IndyCar does not approve sponsorships associated with elected officials, candidates for political office or political action committees.”

RFK/Trump Car Barred from Indy 500 Racing
RFK Jr. Credits: Boston.com)

They didn’t say which team or driver wanted to use the RFK/Trump logos, but there’s really only one person in the lineup who would do something like that. Santino Ferrucci, who races for A.J. Foyt Racing, has tried similar things before.

He once tried to use a “Make America Great Again” logo in Formula 2, but he got kicked out for crashing into his teammate on purpose. He’s 25 years old and came third in the 500 last year. He’s the type who might support RFK, Jr. and Trump, even though Trump is dealing with legal problems.

The race on May 26 is the 108th time they’re doing it, and it’s always the biggest single-day sports event. IndyCar is being smart by staying away from politics, especially in this race. No matter what they do, they’re going to upset some people. If they want to keep growing their fanbase, they should avoid doing anything that might make more than half the country upset.


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