Bagnaia Expresses Concern Over Unplanned MotoGP Sprint Races

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Bagnaia critical of “no plan” MotoGP sprint races

At the Jerez sprint race, reigning world champion Pecco Bagnaia’s hopes were dashed as he was caught in a collision between Marco Bezzecchi and Brad Binder. This unfortunate incident saw Bagnaia squeezed between Bezzecchi on the outside and Binder on the inside, leading to his premature exit from the 12-lap event. With this setback, Bagnaia finds himself trailing 42 points behind Jorge Martin of Pramac Racing, who emerged victorious in the chaotic sprint.

Although the incident was scrutinized by FIM stewards, no further action was deemed necessary, much to Bagnaia’s chagrin. Despite expressing his disagreement with the decision, Bagnaia accepted it as part of racing, refraining from seeking penalties against others involved. However, he did express his opinion that overtaking two riders on the curb was not the ideal racing line, subtly placing fault on Binder, the rider on the inside.

Bagnaia Expresses Concern Over Unplanned MotoGP Sprint Races
Bagnaia Expresses Concern Over Unplanned MotoGP Sprint Races (Credits: Speed Cafe)

Binder, on the other hand, attributed the incident to losing control of his KTM’s rear exiting the final corner, which led to Bagnaia and Bezzecchi flanking him as they approached Turn 1. He described the moment as chaotic, where Bezzecchi’s bike seemed to be heading straight towards him. Despite the chaos, Binder maintained that he stuck to his normal line and ended up inadvertently sandwiching Bagnaia.

Bezzecchi, who also crashed out later in the race, felt confident in his overtaking maneuver despite running wide. He believed there was limited space for retaliation due to the presence of a large curb. Despite being involved in the collision, Bezzecchi refrained from assigning blame to Binder, indicating reluctance to engage in controversy.

The incident at the Jerez sprint race highlights the intense and unpredictable nature of MotoGP racing, where split-second decisions and tight margins can lead to dramatic outcomes. Despite differing perspectives on the incident, all riders involved acknowledge the inherent risks and uncertainties of motorcycle racing at the highest level.

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