Zarco Says MotoGP’s Top Judge Spencer Isn’t Right for the Job

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Zarco slams MotoGP chief steward Spencer as “not good for this job”

At the Jerez Grand Prix, LCR Honda’s Johann Zarco and Aprilia’s Aleix Espargaro found themselves entangled in a collision during the race, sparking an investigation by the FIM stewards’ panel. Despite the incident, no further action was taken after both riders were heard in a hearing.

Zarco took a strong stance against Freddie Spencer, the double 500cc world champion who leads the FIM stewards’ panel. Zarco criticized Spencer’s suitability for the position, accusing him of indecisiveness and implying that Spencer expected Zarco to dictate the outcome of the incident.

Zarco expressed frustration, feeling as though Spencer treated the riders like children and failed to make appropriate decisions in critical moments. He cited other incidents, like Brad Binder’s maneuver during the sprint race, as examples where better judgment was needed.

Zarco Says MotoGP's Top Judge Spencer Isn't Right for the Job
Zarco Says MotoGP’s Top Judge Spencer Isn’t Right for the Job (Credits: Crash)

Zarco’s outburst led to him being removed from the race direction. Meanwhile, Espargaro explained his side, stating that he locked the front wheel to avoid contact with Zarco but was generally displeased with Zarco’s aggressive overtaking throughout the race.

Espargaro highlighted the inconsistency in penalty application, a concern echoed by other riders in the past, including Cal Crutchlow. Many riders have expressed dissatisfaction with Spencer’s tenure, suggesting a need for change in how penalties are assessed and enforced.

The clash between Zarco and Espargaro not only brought attention to their on-track incident but also reignited discussions about the effectiveness of race direction and the role of figures like Spencer in making crucial decisions during races.

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