US Congress Wants Answers from Liberty About Why Andretti’s F1 Bid Got Rejected

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US Congress members demand answers from Liberty over Andretti F1 block

Formula One Management (FOM) declined the bid from the American Andretti Global team to join the F1 grid next season, despite the approval of its technical capabilities by the championship’s regulator, the FIA, in October. FOM stated that adding an 11th team would not significantly contribute to the championship’s value, particularly without competitiveness, and could strain current race promoters financially.

Mario Andretti, the patriarch of Andretti Global and a former F1 world champion, engaged with U.S. Congress members, including Republican John James, regarding potential anti-competition implications of FOM’s decision. The letter addressed to Liberty Media, the owner of F1, expressed concerns about preventing American companies like Andretti Global and General Motors (GM) from participating in Formula 1, potentially violating American antitrust laws.

The Congress members raised questions about the authority FOM used to reject Andretti Global’s admission, emphasizing the significance of Andretti Global and GM as potentially the first American-owned and America-built race team in F1.

US Congress Wants Answers from Liberty About Why Andretti's F1 Bid Got Rejected
US Congress Wants Answers from Liberty About Why Andretti’s F1 Bid Got Rejected (Credits: Racing News365)

They also questioned how FOM’s decision aligns with the Sherman Antitrust Act, considering its impact on market competition and the interests of American consumers, particularly in contrast to the benefits for European racing teams and their foreign automobile manufacturing affiliates.

Additionally, the letter highlighted GM’s plans to reintroduce its Cadillac brand into the European market, potentially creating American automotive jobs. Congress members questioned the role of GM’s entry into racing competition and the European market in FOM’s decision, particularly amid public concerns from incumbent F1 teams against new American competitors.

The Congress members demanded responses from Liberty Media by May 3rd, seeking clarification on the rationale behind FOM’s rejection of Andretti Global’s bid and its compliance with U.S. antitrust laws. They emphasized their commitment to overseeing the matter and collaborating with federal regulators to ensure adherence to anticompetition laws.

F1 referred inquiries to its previous statement on Andretti’s rejected bid when approached for comment, indicating a stance consistent with its initial decision. Andretti Global reiterated its commitment to F1 approval, targeting the 2026 season despite the setback.


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